Friday, October 30, 2009

The Best of Kristen Archives

The Best of Kristen Archives
Are you looking for Kristen Archives? Then you might be interested what were the best stories so far. According to the fans in a forum, there's a lot. So far, these three stories are the best for me. I'm sure there's a lot more, I will share some more as I read more directories and stories in Kristen Archives.

Ameleia - by Kathy
Anyway, I rang the bell and he came to the door and he looked rather annoyed at first, then he smiled in a rather sinister way and said, 'Ah, Ameleia, just what we wanted, some company.'

Bike Ride with Anna
Hi. My name is Jim. My story is about the summer my sister Anna and I shared when I was fifteen. She was seventeen at the time. My story begins about three weeks into our summer break.

Beasts - by Candy
Candy was smiling angelically at us having finished the story of how she developed her massiveness and the effects that that growth had on her life. Candy, are you happy now with how things turned out? An "L" cup is really large!

So what is Kristen Archives?
This archive is a collection of private stories. It began in 1997. The variety of stories there enjoy freedom of expression and no judgments are being passed by anyone. 

A feature of the site is the "Category Archive" that breaks story files down into types of stories, such as gay, lesbian, etc. You can browse around and enjoy the fruits of Kristen's Labor of Love (literately and figuratively)!

Kirsten Archives can be found at

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