Monday, November 16, 2009

World's largest software companies

World's largest software companies:
This yearly list offers 2000 large companies active in all kinds of industries. By selecting software & services a sublist can be made, which is 35 companies long in the 2009 edition. Forbes offers figures such as sales, profits, assets and market capitalization. Only public companies are listed. The ranking seems to be based upon a multiplication of sales*profits*assets*market capitalization. A Top 10 extract of the world's largest software companies according to the Forbes Global 2000 is provided below.
1.   Sony

2.   Microsoft

3.   Apple

4.   Oracle Corporation

5.   Google

6.   Softbank

7.   SAP AG

8.   Accenture

9.   Computer Sciences Corporation

10.                      Yahoo!

Please note that Forbes includes services revenues given its listing of IBM, Accenture, Computer Sciences and Cap Gemini. Forbes also appears to include advertising revenues given the listing of Google and Yahoo in their Top 10. Large private software companies are not on the Forbes list. Market capitalization influences the ranking: Forbes has used the market cap of Feb 27 2009 to build their list.

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