Friday, October 23, 2009

PM likely to meet Wen in Thailand

The First Lady of United States, Michelle Obama, hula hooped for health on Wednesday, managing to get in an impressive 142 swivels before her hula hoop hit the ground.

Michelle Obama was hosting a "healthy kids fair" on the South Lawn of the White House, inviting around 100 children and parents from local elementary schools, for an afternoon of fun-filled physical activity and encouraging children to eat better.

During Wednesday's fair, she delivered a pep talk about eating well, while chefs demonstrated how to make healthy but delicious snacks.

The First Lady also told the children it was OK to have treats, as long as they usually ate the right kind of foods to maintain a balanced diet.

Served up on the lawn was popcorn made with peanuts and parmesan cheese and zucchini quesadillas that the First Lady declared tasted like pizza.

After checking out the food demonstrations, Obama joined a crowd of young hula hoopers, keeping up with the best of them.

She didn't do so well when it came to jumping rope, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

The First Lady made three unsuccessful attempts to jump into a round of double dutch, two ropes turning in opposite directions. Not giving up, she kicked off her flats and tried jumping into a single swinging rope. That didn't go much better.

So Obama moved on to an obstacle course, when she whizzed barefoot through a series of hurdles and back to the starting line.

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