Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rakhi Ki Nautanki: Elesh Fed Up!!

Drama queen Rakhi has a lot to say about her new found boyfriend-fiance-screen husband Elesh. From accusing him to be dumb and egg-faced to accusing him of not having money, Rakhi has said alot on camera. The only person who maintained a dignified silence was Elesh, absolutely clueless about Rakhi’s nautanki for little airtime on TV.
Finally he broke his silence and told the media people that he tried his best to make the relationship work but due Rakhi never cooperated.

He says, “I tried my best to understand this woman, but failed. I tried to know her past, I tried to understand her moves. I tried everything, but failed. On the contrary, Rakhi never tried to understand where I am coming from. Her notion about NRIs is so limited. I think it is based only on watching movies and TV. Rakhi needs to understand that real life is different from reel life.”
To begin with, Elesh is amused that Rakhi did not want to stay in his hometown, Toronto after marrying him.
He elaborates, “Honestly, I never told her to settle in Toronto. She can always travel back and forth. What’s wrong if I suggested that if and when we have a baby, he/she should be born in Toronto? I have my parents there and they would be a support system to my family. Anything wrong with that?”
Commenting on Rakhi’s accusation that Elesh is financially not stable, he says, “What does she mean by saying that I don’t have money? That’s all so stupid and unnecessary. I am studying and have decided not to take money from my parents. I want to be an independent person. Am I doing something bad?”

“Frankly, I am shocked by the allegations. Anybody else in my place would have sunk into depression. Had it not been for the support of my family, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I do realise people have their own reasons to try to make others feel small and bad in the eyes of the public, so that they can gain sympathy. Part of being in Bollywood, I guess. But I am hurt. The controversy and the humiliation that I have been put through; the name calling to mar my character has hurt my family and me tremendously.”

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